At this point, people are realizing there is no “one size fits all” approach to nutrition. Some people feel amazing eating a vegan or paleo diet and others feel plain awful. Similarly, others feel bloated after eating and think it’s normal to feel that way. I started Gut of Integrity for two reasons: 1) to help people make mindful choices about the food they put in their bodies and 2) to be an active participant in helping to reverse chronic disease. If 70% of chronic diseases can be reversed by making better food choices, then I definitely want to be part of that revolution! As a holistic nutritionist, I specialize in helping people with autoimmune disorders, cancer, digestive issues, women’s issues, and grief.


1:1 Coaching

We'll work together to create a personalized nutrition strategy by taking a holistic approach, looking at your likes, dislikes, and current and past health issues. This includes a 1.5 hour intake session, along with 50-minute follow up sessions where we go over your goals, recommendations, and anything else that might come up for you that week.

Small Group Classes

Want to host a nutrition class at your next office get together or women's night? I can design a custom curriculum based on what you and your group are looking to learn. Also take a look at what events I have coming up here.



Pantry Clean-outs

I'll come to your house, look through your pantry, and let you know which items to keep, what to get rid of, and make recommendations on new items to add. From food to household cleaning products, you'll be living healthfully in no time.

Grocery shopping

If you feel lost inside a grocery store, fear no more. I will help you navigate the best aisles for healthful eating and answer all your questions to make your next shopping trip stress-free... and maybe even a little fun!



Restaurant menu consultations

Looking to create a healthful seasonal menu? Or spice up creations of your favorite foods? I can add suggestions for seasonal food items and healthful substitutions.