Healing the Gut One Salad at a Time


I recently went on a trip with my wife to New England. She was attending her 20 year high school reunion and I went along for the ride. I also wanted to see some friends who lived in Boston, as I lived there over a decade ago when I went to graduate school at Brandeis. I definitely planned on eating a lot of oysters. What I didn't plan on was eating a lot of gluten.


Lobstah roll forever.

Lobstah roll forever.

I have always had a difficult relationship with gluten. It gives me highs. It gives me lows. It makes me constipated AND gives me diarrhea (explain that to me, please). It's always been there for me when I've needed a pick me up. And it makes me bloated AF.

So, being in New England, I absolutely decided to eat a lobster roll, and thankfully, it was the best one I've ever had. The butter to house-made brioche roll to lobster ratio was heavenly, and  my AIP wife even took a small bite because I was having a foodgasm. 

I ate gluten everyday on that trip and felt pretty crappy. By the last night, I was so bloated I had to unbutton my pants while at the restaurant. I don't say this to have anyone feel sorry for me. I say this because, as a nutrition consultant, I still bomb my gut in ways I know I shouldn't. It's hard, even as a person who knows how bad gluten can be for some (not all) people. I struggle with making the best choices for myself just like everyone else. And sometimes, I'm going to eat the things I'm not "suppose to have." I'm not here to preach or to shove doctrine down your throats, but I am here to tell you the struggle is real and we all are fighting it together. 

When I got home from vacay, I made a HUGE salad. I put everything we had just bought in it and made a great dressing and ate all of it. I put the muffin I'd bought from Tatte in the freezer because my stomach just couldn't handle it. I know it's there waiting for me when I want it again, but I also know that I bombed my gut for a week and need to take a break. It's all about balance, right?