In 2014 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. I had suddenly gained weight, was exhausted all the time, had foggy brain with memory loss, and racing/ irregular heartbeats with episodes that would last for hours. Once diagnosed, my doctors wanted to treat the symptoms with medication, never delving into what the cause could be. Within a day, Stephanie had researched the disease, ordered books to come to my home and had organized a dietary plan to subdue and/or eliminate my symptoms. I am happy to report that after a few months on the diet, I lost 50 lbs., regained my energy and my memory, subdued most of my irregular heartbeats and lowered my blood pressure back to normal ALL WITHOUT taking medication!
— Maria, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

“For four years I experienced extreme fatigue, chronic migraines, digestion issues, extremely short period cycles, and a racing heart. My doctor diagnosed and treated for anxiety. After talking with Stephanie, she suggested I ask my doctor to run a full thyroid panel at my next physical. When I asked, my doctor said fine but didn’t think it was really necessary. When the results came back, low and behold I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease. While Stephanie knew this was likely the underlying issue, she never forced her opinion. She gave me the space to come to terms with my illness and was ready to provide her extensive knowledge, insight, compassion, and care when I as ready. With Stephanie’s guidance I started making dietary changes immediately. When I went to the endocrinologist, like many, I was pressured and scared into almost taking the aggressive medication. I told myself that if after working with Stephanie for 3 months did not change my levels/symptoms I would start taking the mediation. When I got my test results back, I had reversed my levels and virtually eliminated my symptoms!

If you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, call Stephanie before deciding to pop the pill. They will both change your life, but only one will change it for the better!

Thank you Stephanie for helping me heal.
— Sara, San Francisco, CA

Working with Stephanie helped me immensely. I was educated to understand my body and specific issues that were happening with my organs that my symptoms represented. I was especially moved by her warmth and genuine care towards me and what I was struggling with. The support I felt relationally seems like an important part to her gift. I’m so glad that I got this opportunity to connect with her in this way.
— Rosie, Oakland, CA

Steph is such an amazing nutritionist and educator. I have worked with soooo many professionals in the medical and health areas for a variety of health conditions over the years and one thing I cannot stand is someone who doesn’t really take the time to listen to what you are saying and really consider all the factors.

That is why I LOVE Steph, she really listens to you, hears your concerns and answers your questions thoroughly. On top of that she does her homework and actually does some research if she doesn’t know something or is confronted with a new challenge. It is extremely refreshing to work with someone in this field who has a growth mindset and not only takes the time but actually cares about helping you progress. If you want someone who is really going to their part in the nutritionist/client relationship then Steph is the person to go to!
— Erik, Bergenfield, New Jersey