As a holistic nutritionist, I specialize in helping people with autoimmune disorders, cancer, digestive issues, women’s issues, and grief.

Become Who You Were

Always Meant to Be

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Step into your power.

You know, deep down in your gut, that you have the drive to healthfully nourish your body. You have the ambition to be at ease in your mind. And you have the passion to live your life with conviction. You want to feel alive again, but you haven’t felt that way in years. You’ve tried everything to get that feeling back - seen every doctor, searched every website, taken every “miracle” supplement - but something still isn’t feeling right. You want someone to help you take control of your nutrition, mental, and emotional health so you can be your most powerful and authentic self ALL. OF. THE. TIME.

You’re courageous for taking the first step. Now let’s ignite your voice and get your confidence back!

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I help strong-willed womxn, trans, and non-binary folx create more power in their lives.


I’m Steph. I’ll help you step back into your power, your body, your work, and your life by taking control of your nutrition, mental, and emotional health so you can become who you were always meant to be. At Gut of Integrity, you learn practical tools to tune into your intuition, to glow from the inside out, and to understand what’s been holding you back so you can move powerfully forward in every area of your life. Because you are exceptional and the world needs to know it. Let me show you how!


 Self-compassion comes first, everything else comes next.

Once you give yourself permission - to do anything - life will be lived more easily. Your health will improve, your mindset will shift, and your emotions will fall in line with their natural rhythms. When your mind is clouded with negative thoughts, you won’t be able to hear what your inner instincts are telling you. Giving yourself permission to take a break, rest your body, or go on vacation will give you the strength to lead you on the path to your greatest power.

Now let’s bring your body back into balance, ignite your confidence, and reclaim your peace of mind.

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Download my e-book, Does Your Gut Have Integrity !

A collection of 16 gut-healing recipes, you’ll get a jump start on nourishing your gut, clearing your mind, and learning to balance your soul so you can become who you were always meant to be.

All recipes are gluten-, grain-, and nut-free!


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